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Jane Davenport, Watercolor 1

Jane Davenport, DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Palette“There are some artist’s material that can actually whet the creative appetite. Just thinking about the DANIEL SMITH colours, Moonglow and Lunar Blue for example, draws me to my studio to paint. I feel rather elated watching these primal pigments come alive on my paper. The way they granulate, morph and change adds a free spirit to my work and frees my spirit as I create.”
—Jane Davenport

Jane “Danger” Davenport is an internationally recognized artist, best-selling author and beloved workshop instructor. Girls’ faces feature strongly in Danger’s whimsical work, often with somewhat wistful or melancholy expressions, surrounded by interacting colour. She started her creative career as a fashion illustrator and the evidence of her Parisian training lingers in her elongated figures. Through her online Art Schools, publications and Escape Artist Retreats, Danger has enabled tens of thousands of people from all around the world to embrace their innate artistic selves.

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Jane Davenport