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Pablo Rubén


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz watercolor painting, Armada
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Armada


Introducing Pablo Rubén

Pablo Rubén

For many artists in North America the name Pablo Ruben Lopes Sanz is only a long Spanish name and for a few, a distinguished Artist participating in the 147th traveling exhibition of the American Watercolor Society in 2014.”

Pablo Ruben Lopes Sanz from Spain, or just PABLO as many of us know him, is an admirable young artist who has developed an incredible collection of awards and recognition from all over Europe, Asia and South America as a flourishing Watercolor Artist with a very personal style, and a warm and friendly personality. These qualities in Pablo’s persona have made him a fantastic teacher, and an incomparable friend to many of us who have had the opportunity to enjoy his company in workshops as well as painting events all over Europe.”

Pablo’s style of working is a combination of Plein Air and studio painting with more than 400 awards, and all his First prizes are the result of Plein Air competitions in the Gran format (3×4 ft. work, in 3-4 hours finishing time) all over Spain and Europe. Pablo has developed a well-respected studio in Griñón (a suburb of Madrid) and in Madrid, he is a faculty member at the ABC Museum where he teaches drawing and watercolor painting year-round.”


Pablo Ruben watercolor painting demo in Fabriano, Italy, May 2016


The amazing thing about Pablo is that his talent and dedication to watercolor has gained him recognition and numerous invitations to participate in biennials and Arts encounters around the world which has placed him in an unique artistic level comparable to many of the well-known artists in North America. As well known around much of the world as Pablo is, he is not as well known in Canada and the US – that is now changing. Last year in Vancouver, Canada I had the pleasure to have him as special guest at the Harmony Festival in West Vancouver, Canada. Shortly afterwards, Pablo followed up with a 2-day workshop at the Den Croft studio in north Vancouver, both occasions brought lots of interest and admiration in his teaching and jovial manner.”

Recently, DANIEL SMITH made a special invitation to Pablo for his first Watercolor Workshop in the United States, which is Summer 2017 at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH Store. In the store’s event space, Pablo will give a free Watercolor Demonstration, and in the following days, he will teach a 2-Day Watercolor Workshop.”
Alfonso L. Tejada. Architect, Urban designer and Artist.


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Gran Vía watercolor painting
Pablo Ruben, Gran Vía


Renowned Artist from Spain

Pablo Rubin has been painting since he was a child, and has spent the last 18 years working as professional artist. Pablo is the President of the International Watercolor Society of Spain and he has participated in many of the most important watercolor Biennials all around the World: China, Korea, Thailand, India, Mexico, Canada, Belgium and Italy. Pablo has been presented awards from International competitions such as: American Watercolor Society, San Diego Watercolor Society, Slovenia International Watercolor Society and many more. Pablo is a passionate Plein air artist, and has been awarded more than 300 awards in Spain and France. As a well-regarded art teacher and watercolor instructor, Pablo has taught workshops in: Spain, Portugal, France, Brazil, Mexico and Canada. An avid traveler, Pablo generally focuses on urban scapes and often incorporates water reflections as the main subjects, usually playing with aerial points of view to make original compositions.
Please click HERE to see Pablo’s current Watercolor Workshops


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, New York, watercolor painting
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, New York


Why I love DANIEL SMITH Watercolors….

The purity of pigments used in manufacture is impressive, with only a touch of color you can make long, intense washes. I create the darkest parts of my work with dense brush strokes and for this technique, DANIEL SMITH paints are perfect because of their pigment load.

I discovered DANIEL SMITH paints almost ten years ago during a trip to the USA. Since this time, they have become an essential paint in my watercolor palette.

As a painter I love to explore new pigments – with more than 250 colors to select from, what more can I ask?”
-Pablo Ruben


Pablo Ruben’s DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Palette

Pablo Ruben's palette of DANIEL SMITH Watercolors


Pablo Rubén Watercolor Article: The Royal Palace of Madrid: Step-by-Step Demo with the 8 New DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolor Paints

Pablo Ruben, The Royal Palace in Madrid Watercolor
Pablo Ruben, Royal Palace of Madrid


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, New York
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, New York


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Urban Sketch IV, watercolor painting
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Urban Sketch IV


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz,, Seville, watercolor painting
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Seville


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Urban Sketch III, watercolor painting
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Urban Sketch III


Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Into the Light, watercolor painting
Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz, Into the Light


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