DANIEL SMITH Original Oils

DANIEL SMITH Original Oils

DANIEL SMITH Original Oils were created for artists who wanted and needed consistent, lightfast colors which they could depend on, and the lush, buttery feel that artists love about painting with oils. The Original Oil paints are made in small batches with the finest pigments, traditional, cutting edge, and unique colors. DANIEL SMITH was the first to offer many of the brilliant, modern synthetic pigments, like the quinacridones, for the artists’ market.

DANIEL SMITH Original Oils – 37 ml Tubes

The unique oil colors, most of which are exclusive to DANIEL SMITH, give artists a wider, creative choice of colors to paint with: PrimaTeks, Luminescents and mixes such as Moonglow and Raw Umber Violet.

The PrimaTek Oils are made from minerals, some are semi-precious, which DANIEL SMITH sources, processes into pigment, then mixes and mills into paint. A couple, Lapis Lazuli Genuine (blue) and Malachite Genuine (green) are historical colors and have been used for centuries. The other PrimaTek colors are minerals which DANIEL SMITH has developed to produce beautiful and useful oils for artists. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Amazonite minerals become beautiful blue-green oils. Rhodonite is a gorgeous, deep red, and Sedona and Minnesota Pipestone are versatile, earthy red-browns. Burnt Tiger’s Eye, Tiger’s Eye and Hematite are unusual and useful natural browns. When the minerals have been made into paint, they are named for the mineral, and because the genuine mineral is used, those are combined to name the paints, for example, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine.

DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek Original Oils, with minerals. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Genuine tube with paint


The Luminescents are iridescent colors which are found in nature, like the iridescent colors of birds’ feathers, insects, fish, the luminous glow of flowers and the gleam of metals, which cannot be painted with ordinary oils. Having a few of these special oils on a palette when painting those subjects, allows an artist to mix in some luminous color. Colors like Iridescent Electric Blue, Duochrome Aquamarine and  Duochrome Saguaro Green. We have luminous whites and a black, Pearlescent White, Pearlescent Shimmer and Pearlescent Black which add their luminous glow to paintings, and these are wonderful as mixers to modify other colors. Metal colors such as Iridescent GoldIridescent Copper, Metallic Richgold and Metallic Silver add that rich luster in paintings we expect with metals.

All DANIEL SMITH Oil Paints are highly pigmented, balanced with maximum pigment load with minimum oil (the vehicle) to give the best possible color strength. You can see this when painting as it takes a lot of white paint to lighten the tube color. This strong tinting gives artists good value because they are not paying for fillers and extenders that lesser quality oil paints have.

112 colors in DANIEL SMITH 37ml Original Oils

* 111 Colors – Highly pigmented and extremely vibrant colors plus, colorless Transparent Blender.
* 75 Single Pigment Colors – Single pigment colors provide clear and clean mixes.
* 110 Colors with Lightfast Rating of I or II. LR rating I = 100+ years LR rating II = 100 Lightfastness rating is a measurement of how many years the color in your artwork will remain the same.

* 10 Quinacridone Colors – The Quinacridone family of colors (pronounced kwin ak’ ri doan) are high-performance pigments with outstanding transparency and color intensity.
* Artist grade oils.
* Highly Pigmented Colors – Outstanding color strength with mixed with Titanium White.
* Finest ground pigments of any oil color line.
* Highest quality raw materials.
* Excellent brushing properties.
* Buttery consistency.
* Superior quality control.
* Manufactured in the USA in Seattle, Washington.

DANIEL SMITH Original Oils are classic, highly pigmented oil paints. Artists love their rich colors and buttery consistency, remarkable color strength, reliable lightfastness and consistent texture. DANIEL SMITH Original Oils are the choice oil paint for many artists.

DANIEL SMITH Original Oils – 37 ml Tubes

DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Color
When you buy DANIEL SMITH professional quality Original Oils, you get exceptionally strong pigmentation, uniform buttery consistency and excellent value. For nearly 30 years, DANIEL SMITH has been an innovator in pigment selection and formulation, and still makes and packages each batch by hand, with the utmost integrity and attention to detail.

Introduced in 1989, DANIEL SMITH Original Oils showed the results of years of development. The intent was to offer a game-changing paint with remarkable color strength, reliable lightfastness and consistent texture. DANIEL SMITH starts with the finest pigments, both traditional and cutting edge – they were the first to offer many of the brilliant, modern synthetic pigments, like the quinacridones for the artists’ market.

Small Batch Production
The DANIEL SMITH manufacturing crew makes the Original Oils in a department right next to the DANIEL SMITH headquarters and Store in Seattle. Visitors are often surprised to see just how simple and traditional the process is, and how closely involved the paintmakers are with every step of production. Batches are small, allowing close control of every factor involved.

Making paint on the 3 roller mill at DANIEL SMITH

Choice Ingredients
Great paint starts with great ingredients. DANIEL SMITH buys pure pigments from sources around the globe. The high grade of alkali-refined linseed oil was selected for its uniformity, light color, low acid value, low-yellowing properties and good adhesion.

Careful Formulation
Color strength and lightfastness are hallmarks of DANIEL SMITH paints. Each color was carefully formulated by DANIEL SMITH’s long time chemist and tested against similar colors in competitors’ lines. For each color, DANIEL SMITH balances maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content for the best possible color strength and lightfastness. The vehicle the pigments are mixed with is a high grade of alkali-refined linseed oil. It is uniformly light in color, low yellowing, with low acid value and good adhesion. Mixed White, Titanium White (150 ml Titanium White) and Zinc White are mixed with non-yellowing, high grade safflower oil. There is a small proportion of additives, less the 1% by weight, to improve brushability, modify drying time and improve the grind. DANIEL SMITH then selects the perfect grind to yield a particle size that maximizes the qualities inherent in the pigment to create the perfect paint.

DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Red Original Oil with DANIEL SMITH Refined and Cold Pressed Linseed Oils

Verifiable Lightfastness
DANIEL SMITH tests their paints by placing samples in a Xenon Fadeometer which exposes paint to the equivalent of 100 years of sunlight in ten days. Artists can rely on 102 of the Original Oils Colors to remain virtually unchanged for over a century,

Informative Labels
Every tube of DANIEL SMITH Original Oils is filled and labeled by hand. All labels give complete information including the common pigment names, color index names and numbers and ASTM lightfastness ratings, keeping artists informed when they choose DANIEL SMITH Oils.

DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Label

Made in the USA in Seattle, Washington – Each batch of color is made, start to finish, by the paintmakers under the supervision of the full time chemist who has been with DANIEL SMITH for decades. DANIEL SMITH starts with the finest pigments, sourced from around the world, both traditional and cutting edge. They were the first to offer many of the brilliant, modern synthetic pigments, like the quinacridones, for the artists’ market and continued to develop innovative products for artists such as the newer DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils.

When you choose DANIEL SMITH Original Oils, you are choosing paints made with the highest quality which you can confidently depend on year after year.

DANIEL SMITH Original Oils – 37 ml Tubes

DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Red and French Ultramarine Red Original Oils