DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils

DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils

DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oil Paints. ..the beautiful, easy-to-use alternative to traditional oil paints.
If you love the feel, control, and rich appearance of classic oil paints, and don’t like using solvents, you will want to try DANIEL SMITH’s beautiful Water Soluble Oil paints!

Water Soluble Oils – 37 ml tubes

DANIEL SMITH Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Water Soluble Oil

The DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils have the same rich colors, scent and buttery texture of traditional oil paints, but without the need to use solvents to clean up with. You can keep the luscious painting experience that you love with traditional oils and have a healthier studio environment to paint in since you don’t need to use turpentine or other solvents. This water solubility also makes the DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils excellent for Plein Air and travel too – you don’t need to carry solvents, just water!

Why choose Water Soluble Oils? Traditional oils require solvents to clean brushes and thin oil paints. These solvents; turpentine and mineral spirits disperse fumes into the air causing painters to inhale them, especially inside studios. Ventilation is very important when painting using solvents, though not perfect, and the DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils are a healthier way to paint.

DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils, Carbazole Violet, French Ultramarine Blue, Sap Green, Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Red
The DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils are 43 vibrant, highly pigmented colors which offer outstanding color strength, even when mixed with Titanium White. 41 colors are rated Lightfastness I, meaning the color will stay unchanged for 100 plus years. All the colors offer uniform drying times, buttery consistency, excellent brushing, and a beautiful surface appearance. These water soluble oil colors are made with the same pigments and care as the DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Colors but with a specially modified linseed oil binder.

DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oil Colors can be thinned with water just as you would with turpentine. Brushes and palettes clean up easily with soap and warm water.

The Water Soluble Oil Colors are perfect for:
–  Oil painters who are sensitive to or want to avoid exposure to solvents such as mineral spirits (odorless too) or turpentine.
–  Students and teachers in schools and colleges where the use of oil color is prohibited because of solvents, can now paint with oils when using the DANIEL SMITH water soluble oils.
–  Artists working in shared studio space where the buildup of solvent levels could lead to a concentration of vapors and an unpleasant odor.
–  Artists who paint at home and wish to reduce the odor of solvents when oil painting.
–  Travel is easier (subject to the approval of the airline) because you don’t need to transport flammable solvents.

DANIEL SMITH developed the Water Soluble Oils to provide oil paints for artists who needed or wanted to paint solvent free AND demanded the highest quality paints to create with.

These oils are made at the Seattle DANIEL SMITH manufacturing facility from the highest quality raw materials, they have the most finely ground pigments in any color line.

Transitioning to Water Soluble Oils is easy.  Simply replace your current oils a tube one at a time, as you use them up, with a tube of DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils. The water solubility is temporarily lost until your transition is complete, until then, you can use your normal mediums and solvents. Once you have completed your transition, you can stop using solvents!

43 DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils

Clean up easily with water, use soap if using a staining pigment.
– 43 Colors – Highly pigmented and extremely vibrant.
– 33 Single Pigment Colors – Single pigment colors provide clear and clean mixes.
– 42 Colors with Lightfast Rating (LR) I or II LR rating I = 100+ years LR rating II = 100 Lightfastness rating is a measurement of how many years the color in your artwork will remain the same.

  • 41 colors with LF rating of I (100+ years)
  • 1 color with LF rating of II (100 years) – Hansa Yellow Light
  • 1 color with LF rating of III (50 years) – Alizarin Crimson

– 11 Quinacridone Colors – The Quinacridone family of colors (pronounced kwin ak’ ri doan) are high-performance pigments with outstanding transparency and color intensity.
–  Artist grade oils.
– Highly Pigmented Colors – Outstanding color strength with mixed with Titanium White.
– Finest ground pigments of any oil color line.
– Highest quality raw materials.
– Excellent brushing properties.
– Buttery consistency.
– Same luscious brush feel when painting, mixing and blending colors as traditional oils have.
– Paints on the same surfaces you would with traditional oils.
– Beautiful surface appearance.
– When fully cured, they are indistinguishable from traditional oils.
– Drying times are slightly slower than DANIEL SMITH Original Oils, about 1 day longer to get to the same drying point.
– Made with the same pigments used for the DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Colors, the only difference is the Water Soluble Oils are made with a water soluble linseed oil to make them water soluble.
– Mixable with traditional oil paints (though the water solubility is lost when mixing) making the transition to 100% water soluble easy over time.
– Superior quality control.
– Manufactured in the USA in Seattle, Washington.

DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oil Mediums
Mediums for DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils

DANIEL SMITH makes special Water Soluble Mediums for use with the Water Soluble Oils:
–  DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Modified Linseed Oil.
–  DANIEL SMITH Transparent Blender for Water Soluble Oils.
–  DANIEL SMITH Safflower Oil for Water Soluble Oils.
–  DANIEL SMITH Painting Medium for Water Soluble Oils.
–  DANIEL SMITH Fast Drying Linseed Oil for Water Soluble Oils.
–  DANIEL SMITH Fast Drying Painting Medium for Water Soluble Oils.

The DANIEL SMITH Difference
When you buy DANIEL SMITH professional quality Water Soluble Oils, you get exceptionally strong pigmentation, uniform buttery consistency and excellent value. For nearly 30 years, DANIEL SMITH has been an innovator in pigment selection and formulation, and still makes and packages each batch by hand, with the utmost integrity and attention to detail.

Making paint at DANIEL SMITH, 3 roll mill with red paint
Introduced in 2012, DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble show the results of years of development based on the DANIEL SMITH Original Oils which debuted in 1989. The intent was to offer a game-changing paint with remarkable color strength, reliable lightfastness and consistent texture. The same innovation has gone into the development of the newer Water Soluble Oil paints.

Small Batch Production
The DANIEL SMITH manufacturing crew makes the Water Soluble Oils in a department right next to the DANIEL SMITH Headquarters and Store in Seattle. Visitors are often surprised to see just how simple and traditional the process is, and how closely involved the paintmakers are with every step of production. Batches are small, allowing close control of every factor involved.

Choice Ingredients
Great paint starts with great ingredients. DANIEL SMITH buys pure pigments from sources around the globe. The high grade of water soluble alkali-refined linseed oil was selected for its uniformity, light color, low acid value, low-yellowing properties and good adhesion.

Careful Formulation
Color strength and lightfastness are hallmarks of all the DANIEL SMITH paints. Each color was carefully formulated by the DANIEL SMITH chemist and tested against similar colors in competitors lines. For each color, they select the perfect grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities inherent in the pigment, and they balance maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content. There is a small proportion of additives, less than 1% by weight, to improve brushability and consistency, modify drying time and improve the grind.

Verifiable Lightfastness
DANIEL SMITH tests their paints by placing samples in a Xenon Fadeometer which exposes paint to the equivalent of 100 years of sunlight in ten days. Artists can rely on 42 of the Water Soluble Oil Colors to remain virtually unchanged for over a century.

Quinacridone Red label, Water Soluble Oil Every tube of DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils is filled and labeled by hand. All labels give complete information including the common pigment names, color index names and numbers and ASTM lightfastness ratings, keeping artists informed when they choose DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils.

If you haven’t tried DANIEL SMITH Water Soluble Oils yet, we know you’ll be impressed. And if you’re already using them, we want to say thank you for choosing this top quality American- made paint.

DANIEL SMITH has developed these Water Soluble Oils to provide artists with a quality choice for artists who needed or wanted to paint solvent free AND demanded the highest quality paints to create with.

Water Soluble Oils – 37 ml tubes