Original Oil Portrait Palette by Chihiro Yabe


As a watercolorist using DANIEL SMITH Watercolors, I had stopped oil painting for a long time but when I started back up, I was tempted right away to try DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Paints!

Living in Seattle, I appreciate a local company and knowing that DANIEL SMITH Original Oil Paints are kind to the environment. They are also well matched with the linen I work on.

Featured Original Oil Colors:

DANIEL SMITH Titanium White
DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone Red
DANIEL SMITH Hooker’s Green
DANIEL SMITH Ultramarine Blue Deep

Oil portrait by Chihiro Yabe


Color Use and Mixes:

With Burnt Umber and a big brush, I create my rough drawing first. Knowing that I can revise as I paint, it does not need to be perfect. For this subject the skin color was created with a mix of Burnt Umber, Quinacridone Red, Yellow Ochre with Titanium White.

I think the most difficult part of a face is capturing the expression of lips and my color mixture there was Titanium White and Quinacridone Red. I used Lemon Yellow, Perinone Orange and Cobalt Violet Light to create lights and shadows.

Some additional colors were used to create shadow on the skin. I used a combination of Hooker’s Green, Perinone Orange, Cobalt Violet Light and in the final stages Mediterranean Blue.

I painted the hair color after the skin colors dried a little. My subject’s hair is captured with a mix with Ultramarine Blue Deep with Burnt Umber – I also used Hooker’s Green in the sunlit areas.

The background of my painting is a rough mix of Raw Umber Violet and Yellow Ochre with Hooker’s Green and Cobalt Teal Blue. In the final stages I adjusted the whole image with Cobalt Violet Light.
-Chihiro Yabe

Born and raised in Japan, Chihiro enjoyed painting as a child. It became clear at an early age that she was destined for a career in fine arts. Her works can be described as realistic with a European and Japanese flavor. After graduating from Musashino Art University College, Japan, she worked for a housing exterior company for several years as a professional perspective creator. She then focused on pursuing her passion in watercolor painting. She has been invited to prestigious international exhibitions in Thailand, Korea and Japan.  Her works have also been selected into the Transparent Watercolor Society and Watercolor West. Today, her paintings have been featured in two magazine issues; Pratique des Arts and International Artist Magazine. She has signature status in the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and Japan Watercolor Society. She hopes her paintings bring joy and serenity to viewers.